Thanks For The Kind Words
“Your company is excellent as is the work you do and you are never too busy to answer questions. I have complete faith in you.
When my air conditioning was not working you actually called GM regarding my car to see if my warranty would cover the repairs. The answer was yes so you advised me to have the repairs performed at the dealers so there would be no charge to me.
What I feel has benefited me most are the bumper to bumper inspections. I had one just prior to my three year warranty expiring and one before the powertrain warranty expired. Both times the work that needed doing saved me more money than the cost of the inspections.”

~ Ann Joy


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 Thanks for the Kind Words

 “After quite a few years of going to a large dealership and feeling like just another customer I really appreciate the individual attention I receive. I have more confidence in your advise and in the quality of workmanship. Knowing that you listen to me and that you realize as the year of my car is 1994 I only want repairs carried out that are necessary to the safety of the vehicle. You explain to me in detail about work I should have done and if several things need taken care of you let me know which are the most important.” ~ Ann Joy

“I’m just getting to know you this year but your company seems to be knowledgeable, honest and thorough in giving us advice on our car. You give us more detailed advice than our dealership has ever given, for example; when you noticed that the re-application of our rust protection at the dealership was done very sloppy, you gave us a free “bottom wash” so we didn’t have to drive around with this awful smell. I like it that we’re dealing with the same people at your company; you keep a file on our car. This gives me the feeling that you’ll get to know our car (and us).” ~ Rita Tunney


If a warranty came with your Used Car, rest assured that Jim Dickinson Auto Tech will fix it right, and arrange to bill your Warranty company directly. Other than your deductible, or a portion of the repair that might not be covered by your warranty, you will never see a bill!

Before we begin any work, we will arrange pre-approval from your warranty company, discuss any concerns we may have with you, and only then will we proceed. You are ensured a professional repair, your car back on time and fixed right and, of course, no surprises.

Regardless of what the automotive dealer’s salesperson told you, the trained professionals at Jim Dickinson Auto Tech are able to maintain or repair your car under the warranty. In fact, more cars are maintained by their favourite Independent garage than by the new or used car dealers. Why?Our customers tell us it is because the work is done right, it is completed on time and that the technicians at Jim Dickinson Auto Tech ‘know me, know my driving habits, and know cars!  Don’t sacrifice quality service when shopping for a car! Stay with the people that know you at Jim Dickinson Auto Tech. And keep your Used Car Warranty, too!

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Stick with the neighbourhood professionals you have grown to know and trust at Jim Dickinson Auto Tech. Trained and certified to keep your new car running showroom smooth, our skilled technicians are your best choice for top-quality maintenance and service.

Regardless of what the salesperson at the big auto dealership may have said, you do not have to return to them for the scheduled maintenance and service that is necessary to keep your new car’s warranty intact. Read the fine print. Any reputable repair shop can service your new vehicle so long as you follow the proper maintenance intervals. In fact, more new cars are maintained by Independent garages than by dealerships. Why?

The reason is a basic one. Year after year, surveys disclose that Independents rank No. 1 when it comes to auto repair and customer satisfaction. Here at Jim Dickinson Auto Tech, our customers tell us it is because the work is done right, it is finished on time, and moreover, the technicians “know me, know my driving habits … and know cars”! 
Remember then, you do not have to sacrifice personal attention when you purchase a new vehicle. Our skilled technicians are fully qualified to do the maintenance and service work required under new car warranties. And unlike the indifferent treatment you’d get at many of those big, impersonal dealerships, we’ll even explain to you what we have done when the work is completed.

Why settle for less? Stick with the people in your community that know you, and know cars - the neighbourhood professionals at Jim Dickinson Auto Tech.