We have all heard the ads and driven past the signs offering the convenient, quick oil, lube & filter. And what could be better? No appointments necessary! No need to leave your vehicle.

Ready in 9 minutes, ready in 10 minutes with a completed 20 point check. These rapid lube facilities are staffed with entry level personnel that do not repair vehicles for a living and cannot be expected to locate potential safety issues or mechanical deficiencies on today’s complex vehicles. Remember that Class A technicians have many years of experience repairing vehicles and perform many important checks focusing on important safety items while locating small problems before they become expensive breakdowns. It takes 45 minutes to do a complete oil change with a thorough inspection.

Ponder this:

It takes 10 minutes for all the oil to completely drain from your engine. If your vehicle is not placed on a hoist,which is often the case in rapid lube centers, with the wheels elevated off the ground, many important safety items cannot be checked. Tires cannot be checked properly. Wheels cannot be checked to ensure they are rotating freely. Wheel bearings cannot be checked for excessive play as well as important front suspension components such as lower ball joints.

At Jim Dickinson Auto Tech we even check for corrosion on steel brake lines that can cause system pressure loss resulting in brake failure. Not having your 3-15 year old vehicle in for a routine oil change can result in expensive breakdowns or render your vehicle unsafe to drive without you knowing it. We also recommend a brake inspection every 10,000 km when you are rotating your tires and an annual bumper to bumper 400 point check.

Don’t neglect your vehicles’s Service requirements !!!!!!!!

A simple Oil Change will remove harmful acids & sludge from your engine that takes years off its life. The included 90 point inspection often reveals small problems before they become expensive breakdowns!


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It is a well known fact that your engine will last the lifetime of your vehicle if you change the oil on a regular basis. With variable valve timing incorporated into todays modern vehicles it is absolutely critical oil be changed at the recommended frequencies and the level is maintained at the full level at all times. Your engine’s oil acts as as a detergent suspending harmful dirt and acids from attacking friction surfaces while operating in a -25C to 120C environment. Eventually thermo-cycling breaks down your oil’s ability to lubricate internal engine components. If left too long sludge will form and internal passage ways will become varnished restricting oil flow. It is recommended that you change your oil every 5,000 km or every 3 months with conventional oils andevery 10,000 km or every 6 months with synthetic oils.

Just give us a call at 613 721 6244 and we can set up an appointment to do it while you wait (approximately 1 hour) or better still simply drop off your vehicle at 8 a.m.and pick it up at 5 p.m. the same evening. We can send out reminder notices to keep you on a proper maintenance schedule and remember After 4 Oil Changes the 5th one is FREE!

Be sure to check your oil level once every 2 weeks and especially before long drives!


Thanks for the Kind Words

“I trust the staff at Jim Dickinson Auto Tech to provide knowledgeable advice on the maintenance of my car. I feel that I am treated honestly and therefore I have confidence that the required repair work is in the best interests of reliable transportation. I brought in my car for an Oil Change and at the same time I enquired about a noise in the steering column that was worrying me. Your mechanic diagnosed the noise as seals that were drying out, told me it was no problem and set my will at rest that I could drive the car without doing any damage. Your practice of identifying required maintenance work and setting a priority for having it done spreading the cost over the year. My experience is that I get informed, honest opinions therefore I feel comfortable with having required repairs done even if these come at a substantial cost. I like the Car Care Club, it is an innovative way to keep repairs affordable.” ~Jim Ewers

“It’s a good company, one I have great confidence in. Jim and his staff are dedicated, experienced and courteous.When I had two problems, at the same time, that could have been expensive to repair Jim called GM to see if my warranty covered the problems. It did, so Jim told me to visit my dealership where the problems were fixed at no charge. I like being a Car Club member, knowing my oil changes are pre-paid for the year and there are lots of other benefits as well. When you need to bring your car in Jim will get you in A.S.A.P., usually the next day or two. No long waits even for regular maintenance.” ~ Ann Joy