Thanks for the Kind Words

ďAuto Tech is a rare gem in the world of automotive repair and maintenance: Jim and his staff are Knowledgeable, honest, and more than that they go the extra mile for you.
Because of Jim and J.C.’s thoroughness in inspecting a used truck I had just bought, a crack in the brake linings(shoes?) was discovered that should not have passed the dealer’s safety certificate.  When I showed the entire report to the dealer, he performed ALL of the work indicate, not just the brakes, for Free – a savings of $600 for me!
Jim keeps track of my car’s maintenance needs and advises me by mail when a particular service is due.  This  is a big advantage for someone like me who has trouble telling the difference between a brake shoe and an argyle sock…

†† ~ Brenda Bradley


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Jim Dickinson Auto Tech performs 2nd opinion pre-purchase car inspections.

After reviewing our findings yo will either not buy a lemon or will be armed with knowledge and facts including cost estimates regarding the vehicle deficiencies tht allow you to negotiate a lower purchase price.

Save hundreds, even thousands on your next used car purchase. Our pre-purchase inspections pay for themselves with the money you save on your purchase.


Jim Dickinson Auto Tech has been performing pre-warranty expiry car inspections for over 27 years.  Take advantage of your manufacturers warranty before it expires.
You paid for it with your vehicle purchase.  New car dealers wait for you to complain about defects or problems  before attempting to rectify vehicle deficiencies during the warranty.  The vehicle manufacturer wants dealers  to respond to complaints but not to volunteer to fix problems.  The dealer technicians get paid a lower rate of pay to  repair vehicles  under warranty,  often 30 % less so they are not intereseted in your problems until the vehicle is off warranty.   They are also not trained to access a vehicles true condition but to react to customeer complaints.

Most people do not have the expertize to evaluate their vehicles condition and often are unaware of problems until they are major ones . This makes it virtually impossible for the average consumer to take full advantage of their warranty without expert advice.

We follow  a set routine with a 400 point check list that has evolved over time to ensure all components are checked properly. You are supplied with a copy of your vehicles inspection and a list  of defects that you can now complain about at the local dealer.   Having the manufacturer rectify problems before the vehicle comes off warranty can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of heartache.