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We provide you with a hassle free loaner car at no charge while your vehicle is in for service.


Thanks for the Kind Words


“A business with integrity. The invoice system is very detailed and readable. I like the way Jim prioritizes maintenance work so I can judge which months budget to use. Confidence and Security - I can call anytime and get a straight answer. I really appreciate the loaner car. I can get on with my day. Advance notice of upcoming service & repair work based on visual inspection rather than mileage. A sense of a maintenance plan for my car so I can prioritze service needs and budget.” ~ Jo Seggie-Flemming

“I am very pleased with the work Jim Dickinson has done on my car. I have not found any other mechanic that can beat him in his trade as of today. Last year my car broke down in the pouring rain at 6 p.m. by Hunt Club and Greenbank. Jim waited until CAA towed my car into his shop and gave me a loaner so I could go to work the next morning. Excellent service - I know when Jim works on my car I am not afraid to take a trip out of town because I know he has done excellent work. I can`t say that about the dealerships I have dealt with in the past”. ~ Rose Proulx

“The service is always very friendly and prompt. I like being told in sufficient detail, what they can repair immediately and which repairs are required with less urgency. This helps me budget for my automobile expenses.” “ I appreciate the fact that I can leave my car in proven “good hands” and have the use of a “loaner”vehicle to use in the meantime. Theis removes a tremendous amount of stress and inconvenience.”~ Bev Blakey

“It’s Excellent! The service is always first rate. It was evening rush hour (about 5:45 p.m.) when the dash lit up like a Christmas tree. I called Jim’s shop and the mechanic waited for me to get there-after normal closing time! Diagnosed the problem and put me in a loaner as he needed parts that weren’t available until the next day. The honesty-Inever leave the shop wondering if what has been done really needed to be done. Everything is explained to me up front and afterwards too. Those loaners are really appreciated!” ~ Henry Phillips