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In one word … Integrity.
Jim is not only very knowledgeable, but takes the time to rationally explain the problem and the cost.

My family and I moved to Ottawa from B.C. last year and we had an older/low mileage Toyota truck that had to pass the “Clean Air Program”. After taking it both to Canadian Tire and the dealership, I was told that I would need to overhaul the cylinder heads (meaning a new motor!). We were fortunate to be referred to Jim. Jim and his staff proceeded to do a complete diagnostic of the exhaust system. He discovered that it was simply a leak in the exhaust manifold. I truly believe Jim saved me hundreds if not thousands in not having to replace the motor and by correcting the real problem.

Courtesy and personable service.
Good value for the money!

Stuart Valair


Did you know that the main cause of leaking exhaust components is good old salt from snow/ice covered winter roads or simply steel exhaust brackets/hangers rotting away or rubber hangers?

  Broken engine mounts are often the culprit.  In the case of a front flex pipe or flex joint tearing failure broken engine mounts can result in excessive engine movement.  Broken retaining bolts or studs are a major cause of exhaust manifold leaks or the manifolds simply crack.  Sometimes exhaust systems are damaged by running over objects in the road way or backing up into curbs.

We can install a simple muffler tail pipe extension pipe/resonator assembly or perform complicated repairs to exhaust manifold/catalytic converter units or removal of exhaust manifolds and drilling out broken studs from cylinder heads.  We even offer a mid winter exhaust wash to remove harmful salt from your exhaust system since exhausts are ravaged by mother nature even at 40 below. Exhaust systems are checked during every oil change to make sure they are attached securely and are not leaking or heavily corroded to the point of failure.

We can provide you with Walker Advantage mufflers that carry a lifetime warranty as well as catalytic converters that will actually pass an emission test.  Remember that carbon monoxide emitted from your exhaust system can cause you to lose consciousness and ultimately result in death if you do not get fresh air in a hurry.  If you suspect an exhaust leak or are stuck in deep snow, roll down your window 1 inch when your vehicle is running and get your system checked as soon as possible.


“Dependable, honest, Sticks to facts. I have been dealing with this company for a great number of years (1996) and followed him to the west end for reliable and dependable , knowledgeable service. They fixed a light switch without installing a more expensive part”     - Iris Langille

“Excellent -     Knowing that my car will be fixed properly and the company does not scam you for un-needed parts.  Foremost Jim is Honest- Free Loaner car when needed and referral card for a  $15 discount.   The Car Club is a Plus.” ~ Mark Clouthier

“You come to a place Jim will help to build your confidence about your Auto.  Honesty is the key word of Jim’s business.  No matter you first visit or couple of times. Honesty & friendly advice.”      ~Tony Fonseka