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Pre- Drive Clean Test Tips

Your vehicle can be refused from a drive clean test for the following reasons:

  • a leaky exhaust
  • bald tires on the live drive axle
  • fluids leaking from the engine compartment
  • fuel leaks
  • a rusted out fuel filler neck where your gas cap seals
  • a fuel cap that wont hold pressure

Here are a few items to check prior to the test:

  • check coolant level in radiator with vehicle cold
  • ensure engine oil is fresh 1- 2 months old under 4,000 kilometers
  • visual inspection for any disconnected or leaking vacuum or vent hoses
  • check pcv valve

For a nominal charge we can check these items during an oil change. Do not have a tune-up done or any other extensive repairs at a non authorized drive clean repair facility prior to the test as they are not considered part of the $ 450.00 repair cost limit if the vehicle fails the test.

Jim Dickinson Auto Tech
is a Drive Clean Repair Centre.
We also offer Drive Clean test valet service for $15.

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