215 6515 Hankook  H725 mileage plus 2  reg 150 .62now  90.43
1757014 Hankook H 725 mileage plus 2.   Reg 106.03now 63.62
215 6015. H725. Used  50.00


“They laughed when I said I
was going to Launch this Special!!!!!!”

Our Annual Free Shocks deal!
Buy and install 3 *Shocks/Struts
and we supply and install the
4th one ………..

That’s right! Until April 30, 2012, we will provide a FREE Kyb, Monroe, or Delco shock and install it at no charge
after purchasing and installing three shocks at the regular price.  The 4th Shock/Strut will be FREE!  Zip, zero, nada.
This represents a savings of up to $266.00!
Or, purchase and install the first strut/shock at regular price
and we will supply and install the second one for 1/2 price!
This represents a savings of $133.00!

Our schedule is going to be very very full, so please call in advance and definitely before April 30th!  Once April 30th  is here it is definitely OVER!  My accountant thinks I am suffering a relapse!  My employees think I have a screw loose and my dog doesn’t even look at me anymore - but we are running this special anyway!

Unsure if your vehicle even needs new shocks? No problem– we will inspect them for FREE!!  This offer is good to any current client of Jim Dickinson Auto Tech, but if you have a friend or relative in need of shocks send them in too and we will give you a special gift for the referral

No coupons or discounts can be combined with this offer.Please present ad to validate specials until Apr 30, 2012

Give us a call today and book your appointment 613 721 6244
*Applies to Kyb, Munroe, Delco Shocks/Struts Only


Power windows/   Windshield wipers/   Windshield washer/ Not stopping properly/  *Soft brake pedals/ Shocks seem-bouncy/  *Spongy brake pedal-Transmission slips/ Clutch slips/ Hard to steer-Has no power/ Transmission slips/ Hard to steer/ Car pulls to one side/ Has no power/ Hit a curb/ Stalls at red lights/ Car shakes at high speed/ Coolant level is low-Stalls at stop signs-Squeaking noise-*Check engine light is on!-Strange noise with engine running-cannot drive-Strange noise while driving-wheels make humming noise/ Something is leaking/ Noise when turning/ Fluid under car/ Rattle underneath car/my air conditioning isn’t cold enough/Tire repair/ Tire balance/ Tire plus/ Tire Installation and Balance/ We repair leaking brake lines; Repair leaking exhaust/ Noisy exhaust

Sound familiar?  For these and any other questionable problems please call 613 721 6244 for assistance.  Repairs can save you money!


Now Available! Receive up to 4 Tows for $25!

Purchase ASSISTEL roadside association for $25.  This program is a Used Car Dealer Association benefit available to all Jim Dickinson Auto Tech clients.  No charge for 4 service calls including towing, battery boosts, key lock out, and fuel delivery. Call Jim at 613 721 6244 with your vehicle’s serial number to purchase.  Call the provided 1-800 number and the service call is FREE to you.


Contrary to popular belief radial tires can be repaired permanently with a plug inserted anywhere on the tread face of the tire providing there are no steel fibers exposed at injury site.  If the injury is a large one a plug patch can be inserted requiring removal of the tire from the rim requiring re-balancing.  A tire plug can be done while you wait under most circumstances.  Give us a call ahead of time so we know when to expect you.  613 721 6244   Installation of your summer or winter tires however does require an appointment and will take approximately 1 - 1 1/2 hours and can be done while you wait.  If your vehicle is equipped with tire pressure monitors we are equipped to deal with these devices. We can fix flat tires while you wait.  Call Jim for quick tire repairs!


Come by our garage anytime to do a bounce test on your suspension or even better have a thorough road test done to check your shocks properly.  For Japanese and North American vehicles we install KYB Premium shock absorbers/struts as replacement.  They are an oe manufacturer for many car makers and represent the best value in the industry today.   We install Bilstein products on German vehiclesRemember manufacturer shocks or struts become unsafe at high speed because tires bounce up and down making the vehicle unstable especially when hitting bumps while turning corners.  Tires develop wear on the tread surfaces and eventually have to be discarded because of the roaring noise emitting from chopped tires.


We are a drive clean certified repair facility and can diagnose your drive clean failure usually within 2.5 hours.  Diagnosis must be accurate and methodical to repair a failure properly.  Beware of shops having set rates for drive clean repair since there are so many variables that can cause failures.  Each vehicle must be assessed based on it’s current physical condition, mileage, and often unique circumstances and driver habits that apply only to that vehicle.  You always have the choice to either repair the problem completely or repair up to the $450.00 (excluding taxes and shop supplies) repair cost limit with a properly completed ERRD form which you must submit to the test facility after repairs are completed at our garage.


At our garage, we can install trailer light and brake relays and wiring harnesses, hood deflectors, mag wheels, wiper blades, cabin filters, electronic rust inhibitor devices.

We can repair  boat, ski-doo, utility and  commercial trailers including tires, suspension, wheel bearings, brakes and electrical repair.


At our garage we can provide service to small fleets of 3-10 vehicles.  We can perform annual safety inspections on your commercial vehicle or trailer up to 9 GVWR.  We can accomodate heavy duty pickups or vans with 1/2 ton,  3/4 ton, or 1 ton suspensions but cannot fit a cube van in the bays.



At our garage, we sell industry leading Exide  batteries for all makes and models and always recommend checking the charging system and starter circuit to ensure the battery is being charged properly and the starter amperage draw is not excessive.  If your battery is weak or your battery won’t start your car or your alternator light is on or your battery light is on or your engine won’t take the gas, give us a call at 613 721 6244.  We can help you with your no start vehicle.

Alternator and Starters

We have the confidence to install and guarantee in your vehicle ; Champion, Bosch, AC Delco (GM original ),Denso (japanese imports)  or Power Build.