Jim Dickinson Auto Tech has been established in Ottawa since 1984.
By providing good, old-fashioned customer service over the years, proprietor Jim Dickinson has gained a loyal following in the community. Many hundreds of area residents have come to depend on him, and to rely on the technical expertise of his friendly staff to keep their family vehicles in peak running condition.

The success of his neighbourhood business has been built on a foundation of customer satisfaction. Indeed, satisfied existing clients are Jim Dickinson’s best advertising. Their ‘word-of-mouth referrals’ continue to be his largest source of new customers.

Our Pledge
We will:

Call Jim Dickinson today (613) 721-6244 and find out what good customer service is all about! Or visit his garage at 2599 Carling Avenue (Ottawa, ON, K2B 7H7)

Thanks for th Kind Words

I have been a customer of Jim Dickinson since his business opened. During this time Jim has never swayed from his principles of providing the highest standard of automotive service combined with a customer relationship based on honesty and integrity. As a long term customer I have benefited from Jim`s ability to provide on going preventative maintenance. I always know the condition of my car and what I should be watching out for. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone who would like to have his or her vehicle maintained to the highest standard.~Doug Eckold